Sweater, jumper, turtleneck. Their differences.


And we will start with you just the same with pullovers and jumpers, which are most often quite thin and do not imply that T-shirts or shirts are worn under them. Otherwise, such a close effect is created, the feeling that you pulled this sweater over your shirt for warmth and cuffs, creases are visible in the place of the fold, and all together look untidy. Therefore, if you have a pullover or jumper in front of you that is thin enough, do not try to wear something under them, these are independent wardrobe items. You can throw a jacket on top, but you don’t need to stuff anything under them, their nobility is just in a free fit. If there is air between you and the jumper, there is space - that's good, because neither the jumper nor the pullover is a turtleneck. If you need to wear a shirt or T-shirt underneath, then just choose models from thicker yarn, thicker, more massive. Since jumpers and pullovers are quite voluminous, the yarn is thick, they look massively solid. Of course, I can’t say that at the moment these are stylistic interesting solutions, but nevertheless, why not, if you want to somehow diversify your daily office wardrobe, try something new, then don’t deny yourself anything, of course. Experiment.

Next we have turtlenecks. With them, plus or minus, everything is clear, they also come from different materials, and knitted, and woolen, from merino and so on. Their task is just to fit and be comfortable in order to put them on under something. That is, you can’t wear them on your own, especially if the figure has, let’s say, non-complementary nuances. For some, a embossed srobe is a strong point, but for someone not so much, and thus, if we do not want to demonstrate the nuances of our figure to the public, then we wear turtlenecks under a jacket. They also look great with shirts and overalls. They fit perfectly into multi-layered looks, therefore, as an option, you can combine them not only with jackets, but in a different, more interesting, unusual way.

What else is important to know when choosing turtlenecks? Owners of short necks have questions: “how to wear turtlenecks and whether to wear them at all, because they visually shorten the neck even more?”. This is true, but only partly. You choose a turtleneck that is light, more or less in your skin tone, maybe a little lighter or a little darker, but it doesn’t matter to find it to match your skin tone, so that it’s exactly what it is. And, accordingly, no neck will be eaten from you, everything will remain in place. It’s just that many stylists, when compiling reviews, do not delve into the details of the selection of clothes, and it’s easier to ban turtlenecks in principle for all owners of a short neck than to explain an exception to the rule or how you can play with different wardrobe elements in general.

Or there are options for divers without a high neck, when the neck goes under the base of the neck, and this is also quite normal and functional. They are suitable for those girls whose turtleneck throat is simply choking. This is a fairly common story - the throat on sweaters or turtlenecks sticks and it is not comfortable to wear them, but I would not want to deny myself them either. And, accordingly, we change all sweaters for a jumper or pullover with a round or v-neck, so that nothing will choke us. This also applies to turtlenecks. You can choose a model that will sit on the figure, but at the same time it will be without a throat.

Next we have a trendy sweater for this season. The knitting is dense, the model is voluminous, preferably a lowered sleeve. large collar, elastic at the cuffs and, preferably, along the bottom edge of the sweater. You can wear a classic collar, wrapping it on, or you can even put your hair in it. In general, you can flirt with this collar in any way you like. This is one of the most trendy sweater models at the moment. The Celine brand came up with the idea, and the rest of the brands picked it up. In general, I believe that a sweater, and a jumper, and a pullover, and a turtleneck should be as natural as possible, as far as it is available to you from a financial point of view. But a wool sweater will most likely be prickly. This sweater under a jacket is what you need if you have a high-rise trousers or jeans, ideally - we tuck a voluminous sweater into trousers or jeans into a belt, and a jacket on top. And for autumn, this is a very good stylish look. Pants should be made of dense material so that it is technically possible to tuck one into the other, this is such an important point, pay attention to it.

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